Nov. 8th, 2009

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Nov. 8th, 2009 04:12 am
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Well, now that I have my ideas down, I think I found something that'll work. Starting tomorrow, I'll take five pictures from my photobucket and talk about it. That way I'll have 13 days of posts.. Now let's see if I actually stick to it.
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I think everything works better whenever I have a gimmick to work off of. This article should be no different because I’m having fun with this while writing up the cheesy little introductions that I always do. Just so that I’ll remember everything and set it all in stone, I’ll be putting out the ground rules now so that I don’t go back on them. Every day until I’ve finally posted all of my pieces of art and give out my input on each of them, I’ll post an article. I don’t think it’ll be hard to be that dedicated since it’s dealing with something I absolutely love. Let’s get this show on the road because I’ve got a lot of talking to do and I don’t want to crowd this thing up with nonsense already.

Number One


This piece of art is actually the first out of many that I would receive. You could also say that this is the beginning of my prince/royalty complex, as well. In early 2004, I commissioned pqus on a whim because her prices seemed too good to be true. But luckily for me, the 20k price tag wasn’t an error. I’m really grateful for pqus and the fact that she was able to capture the mood of Iijima without ruining it in the slightest. The manly expression, the lean but muscular fit to him, the hair, horns and most importantly, the katanas were done correctly. I think its fun looking at the more recent pieces and this piece from 2004. Though I’ve made many variations to the Dark Prince, the original will never be forgotten. Also, since I don’t role play as much as I used to, I will use this piece one day. I feel like it’s too good to not use it in that way. I mean, what girl would not want a piece of greatness.

Number Two


Ah, Abraxas Balakrishnan. Quite the name but I’m really proud of this original character. He was thought up on a whim one day with Brittney/Gregger and I’ve never regretted it ever sense. This is one of the many pictures that I commissioned Tirael. Much like the pqus art, I feel like she really captured the mood of Abraxas. I mean, how can you go wrong with a white haired, hit man incubus?

Number Three


Keeping up with the mold of Abraxas, I’ve decided to go with a joint picture with Gregger done by bitterondine. I’m proud of this piece because I know how rare it is for someone to have a piece of art done by him. Though it went for more than a pretty penny, I like this piece because it captures both brothers well. Black and white, fire and ice..straight and gay in Gregger’s case.  Just thinking about these two makes me laugh due to the hilarious story we came up with dealing with Abraxas’ missing eye and the scar on Gregger’s face.

Number Four


Whenever I think about the Prince of Hearts, this song comes to mind: I feel like it really does fit him because that’s exactly how he feels about himself. I’m still searching for a weapon to for him to use but maybe it’s better without one, you know? It’s a shame that lil miu is no longer selling her great art because I would surely buy more if I had the opportunity to do so. Narcissistic is the word I had in mind and that shines through in this picture.

Number Five


I’ll top this off with the cutesiest piece of art that I’ve ever received. Whimzy did a great job with the genie avatar that I made. I don’t know why I created this avatar but I’m happy I did because I like this piece despite it not fitting into my usual mold. I guess the overall innocence of the picture is what makes me like it as much as I do.

Well, this wraps up the first edition. I've got a few more to do and this was certainly not as bad as I expected it to be.





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