Oct. 27th, 2009

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Well, while there's a slight intermission from game, I've decided that I'll go ahead and do another post while it's fresh on my mind. Pardon any typos made because I am starting to get a little tired.

Today brought out a rather strange but welcomed revelation. It happened because someone had a dream and told me about it the night after. Normally, I don't think anything of her dreams but we'll discuss them if she feels up to it so today was no different. I think it's very strange whenever someone tells me that they worry about me not loving them and that the possibility of me leaving them is a very frightening idea. I'd like to believe that whenever I'm in a relationship, that I'm prepared to give 110% all the way. After reassuring her that she had nothing to worry about, things got back on the right track. It was very different to actually see the fear in her eyes. Maybe it's due to the fact that I act a certain way or say certain things. Either way, it's good that things are on the table instead of hidden because I hate it when things are stashed away like that.


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