Oct. 26th, 2009

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Well, since I currently have two hours before my next class, I thought it would be nice to go ahead and get this entry out of the way. It feels good to finally have to write about and knowing that it'll finally have some substance to it. I don't know why I always end up doing these long introductions to my posts on here but it just doesn't feel right if I just jump into the battle without preparing myself. I also blame the fact that whenever I roleplay now, it ends up being this huge monster of an introduction. Anyways, let's get this show on the road.

Over the past couple weeks, I've been thinking about my relationships and how I should honestly feel about them. I've been through some good and bad times with different people but there will always be an aspect about them that I will always remember and cherish. Though I think that there are some that I probably should've avoided in the first place. But I think with that idea, I'm pretty sure that I'm not too comfortable with the fact of being alone. It's something that I'd like to work on because I feel like it would be extremely beneficial to me as a person and learning how to adapt to always having someone. Solid Snake didn't need a damn woman and look how he turned out..old and with a scarred face..so yeah. Not really the best example but it is the manliest one. I do think that I'll eventually find my way to a comfortable spot and truly be in a situation where I am able to deal with any and every situation that could possibly swing my way.

For nostalgia and comedy, I think I'll discuss the strangest relationship that I've been in without going into much detail. Erika was a rather nice girl with a very strange twist to her. I really didn't understand a lot of the fetishes that she had. As soon as severe ageplay came into it, that's when I decided that it had to be finished. I was already five years younger than her so just know that it was that extreme. Janelle was another one that I really, really did like. I think it lasted for a good solid two years but when we hit high school, that's when the road block happened. I still remember doing all that Yu Yu Hakusho stuff. Even though it wouldn't do a lick of good, I think that it would be nice to hear from them again just to see how they were.

With all that mushy relationship stuff out of the way, I can talk about some light hearted stuff. I have got to say that this past weekend has been fairly action packed with wrestling video games along with wrestling and MMA pay per views. Smackdown has been treating me well for the first week. I also let that take the sole responsibility of keeping me up until like 8 in the morning. UFC 104: Machida vs. Rua was a lot better than I expected. I felt like Rua was cheated out of a decision, though. Hopefully the rematch will come and justice will be served. Bragging Rights falls in the same category as UFC 104 except it was easy to predict the winners for that one. To top all of that off, Tekken is coming out tonight and I'm picking mine up at midnight. I've been playing Tekken 5 since 2005 and it's time for something new..

Well, I've hit my quote as far as length goes. I also have to prepare for a Computer Forensics test so I'm out~


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