Oct. 6th, 2009

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I never thought someone would be killed in my neighborhood and unfortunately for us, it happened last night. I have been living in Ivey Hall for the better part of seventeen years and it was the first time that such a heinous crime happened. The worst part about it is that I’ve been friends with the culprit for most of my life, as well. A.J might’ve had his problems but he never struck me as a violent person but I suppose that’s usually how it happens. The other surprise is that the victims were his mother and his boyfriend. It just surprises me that he would commit such a wild act of violence out of nowhere. I still don’t know the details but I know as a human being, you aren’t supposed to condone taking the life of another person, much less the person that brought you into this world. My heart really does go out to his sister, Courtney, who has lost her mother along with her brother. I used to take pride in my neighborhood but I don’t really see the surreal feeling going away any time soon. Relatively short post, I know. But I had to get it off my chest.


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